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From 2008 and 2010, 11 issues of benshotme: the magazine were published.  These were high-quality printed publications consisting of ben's photography and written content by ben and erica. We sincerely thank everyone who supported this effort and we are currently looking for a feasible new format to continue to share benshotme images in print. 

If you are interested in back issues, we have limited copies of several issues. Please email ben(AT)

Selected Captions with Links

summer 2010 issue 11!

more info coming soon!

spring 2010 issue 10!

Larry and his viola LIVE! from the cover of Camp St. Studios. Pages 4 & 5 feature neon brews from Hawai’i, Japanese brews in Cyprus, plastic cups at Fenway, sketchy beeahs in Cambridge and German brews who knows where.  Pups play kickball too,  and turtles investigate cameras- not the old-school film type- on page 6 and figures feature chattingly, at home and at e’s art show reception on page 7.  Aloha flowers impersonate frosting and island swimmers line up like lava lamp posts on volcanic pages 8 & 9. Do not lament the lack of color in tropical shots of Hawai’i on pages 10 through 13, fun spots of color peek out on page 12 with costumed pinheads on Lansdowne, lost toothpaste at _______, chipmunks in the supermercado.  Hippos enjoy horizon’s summer sunset at Megansett Beach and PX visits mosaic installation on the Shining Sea Bikeway on page 14. Ever wanted to swim with science? Check out page 15.  You too can experience an “unexpected day in Paris” on pages 16 & 17, the centerfold and pages 24 & 25.  Cool and warm blues dominate Cyprus and a mini-series of bus shots on pages 20 & 21. Will the Parisian tourists find their way on page 22? Will b sort out the French laundry? Will the Frenchman be charmed by Mama Mia? Will the pup drive the van out of the fish market and hop a boat to Mallorca or Cyprus? Turn to pages 22 & 23 and decide for yourself.  Spend a day in the life of a band making a record in the recording studio with the Ryan Montbleau Band in pages 26 - 31. Wind turbine erections and summer thunderstorms are both beautiful on pages 32 & 33. Views from beneath Boston ballpark seats and from the back of the crowd at Alex Webb lecture/slideshow grace page 34.  This very text should be on page 35 along with Night & Day at the Beach House: legs split frames at Don McCloskey and The Running Waves booksigning party. One  b&w quiet moment at the church where Jack’s art was exhibited and closed out with a shiny shoe shot at Artisan Salon. 

winter 2010 issue 9! 

On the cover is the beauty of Miss PX, also on view in greater detail on pages 4 and 5.  Page 6 should be a Zamboni, but is really a street cleaner.  Viewers, page 7 will find a Christmas burrito on parade- could anything be better?  Page 8 finds Peter Audlee also parading.  Pages 16 and 17 are serendipitous in representing a night in the city that never sleeps.  This quarter's centerfold can be your own personal Rorschach, write to Dr Nussbaum with your reaction if poor, contact if you reaction is positive.  Beth Orton is at City Winery stage center, frame right, page 21.  Page 21 is a pint.  Page 22, number 21.   If you bump into ben do not mention the Bruins photos on page 24 and 25 (please).  Did anyone say winter...? page 28 and page 29.   These pics right here- look out! DODGEBALL!  If you can dodge a spoon you can dodge a ball.  Never forget the back cover.

fall 2009 issue 8!

On the cover: e draws in front of due cappuccini, Il Pontile cafe, Lerici, Italy. On page 2 b soaks up the sun with a reflective eye, screeches via crackberry, is mini with giant vases and mod in the German bath.  Find on page 3 that e gets tagged with the luggage sticker in Galway, examines the sketchy biz card in Villefranche, ferries near the castello in Lerici, and hides behind an oversized leaf additionally in Villefranche. Flip to page's 4 & 5 to see selective selections from the Phoenix 365 Project including Miss PX via internet kiosk in Dublin airport, taking in the autumn leaves in NH, with her friends during Dog Camp I, and at the annual Thanksgiving day festivities and lastly hanging out by the stove. Hey page 6: Miss PX and a Halloween tiger princess, tiger princess drinks her milk. 

One might find a sleepy kitty for sale at an outdoor market in Port de Soller, Mallorca.   Flip back to page 7 for Ella and Lucy at Old Silver Beach or some little elephant in Cyprus.   Pages 8 & 9 introduces brews and boats.  Gemma is in the Ouzo 12 club in Cyprus.  Ropey boats in Roundstone, Co. Galway; Magners cider in Ma Nolan's, Old Nice, Fr. and a Guinness in Griffin's Bar, Clifden, Co. Galway. It is page 10 were e sketches at Il Pontile Cafe, Lerici, Italy; scrapes her palette in Eyre Sq., Galway and does sketchbox painting in Lerici, Italy.  Page 11 in the monk's museum on the island of Tino, Italy a bridge to nowhere, Cyrpus.  Another camera man pilgrimige and purse lady pilgrim on Feast of St. Venerius. 

Try page 12 for birds a flutter over the entrance to Portovenere, Italy and scenes from Lerici, Italy.   Page 12 Portovenere, Italy.  Like pretty sunsetss then page 13's view from top of the mountain at Fosdinovo, Italy is for you. Like sunrise? Well page 14 and the leaning tower of Pisa at dawn is your cup o tea.  Also bonus coverage of Castello di Lerici, Italy at dinner time. page 15, monastery at Valdemossa, Mallorca and stair view, Kiel, Germany.  Page 16 finds Ollie in a Cyprus sunset.  The centerfold brings London.   Its a guards life on page 19 at the Feast of St. Venerius, Island of Tino, Italy.  Or its a dinner in Lerici's square.  It was page 20 that saw a tabacco shop San Terenzo, Italy and a view out to the monks island through the fence of the private beachclub Lerici, Italy. 

On page 21 shadows in San Terenzo and Boston Bruins alumni with Police Athletic League charity fundraiser at Falmouth Ice Arena. On page 22 a lone mopper at the new terminal 5 at Heathrow and a abandoned hotel in Cyprus. We are not telling what page Slocum glider testing in Kiel Germany is on. A pub lab in Galway can be viewed on page 24. To see Gemma and Ben outmodelled by the mannequins try page 25. It is page 26 for Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Page 27 a skateboard rests outside Ma Nolan's in Old Nice, Fr.  Like Kiel? Page 28 Kiel kissing carnival.  Another Ben kneels in Cyprus ruins to goddess Aphrodite on page 29.   Find page 30 and a mini bicycle on the luggage belt.  page 31:  The sheepy in Connemara.  Back cover: the boys of Portovenere kick the soccerball on the beach. 

summer 2009 issue 7!

Congratulations to Katherine, who was the first to locate the egghead in the last edition. Prizes to be announced when there are prizes.

On the cover: a straw-hatted cruise goer in Boston Harbor during the Ryan Montbleau harbor cruise show. On pages 4 and 5 continues the Phoenix "365" project, including romping with Karl, Kasey Jane and introducing Jasper!  Bar Harbor, ME and Old Silver Beach are nice locations for page 6. Seton, co-author of The Running Waves, gets his hoops on page 7, while little Ben on his sis's bday and Justin on his own bday, with Eli and Jack and a sandy Lightning Mcqueen on Jack's sis's bday can be view on 8 and 9. 10 & 11 continue with more shots from the Ryan Montbleau Rock & Blues Cruise, followed by a late night at the Steamship dock.

Turn to page 12 for The Commonwealth, and 13 for Isel Garcia-Renart and MVBushy, printmaker, at the Water Street Music Festival.  Paolo Nutini at the House of Blues, Boston, page 14.For fans of the Morsel, she is a little blue with e, pretending to be casual, Falmouth Harbor on page 15.  Look to 16 for skating under the bridge in Woods Hole; a scene from Portsmouth, NH, and Tremont St., Boston.  Smitty will be glad to see page 17 as Adelaide works on her ice cream cone.  The centerfold is prayers for Newark. Footsteps of ghosts for NOLA, page 20.

Goonies are not on page 21 but the bridge in Astoria, Oregon and world's largest tree trunk (unofficial) are. Pike's Place fish market after hours and the non-pencil sharpening Space Needle, Seattle, WA are to be found on page 22 and 23 (which you will need to turn on its side to properly view) a  view inside the Space Needle.

24 & 25 are wrapping the Burrito2536.  Page 26 through 29: Cape Cod Kickball including champion coverage of the championship game on in the depths of Teaticket.  Looking through The Glass Onion, Falmouth, MA on page 30.

Page 31- go look!  Molly & James wedded on August 15th in Waquoit on page 32.  #33: Robert at the County Fair. These caption pages find s'mores with DJ; The Garner Center Gallery dedication and NESOP and Chris Mastriano at the Katie Meyer Kickball Tournament; & of course, it wouldn't be a benshotme without a little O.G.

Last but not least, on the back cover: One of many wet summer nights, at the Water Street Music Festival, Water St., Woods Hole.


the start of the magazine: a look back to 2008

after the holiday hiatus, we have exciting news-- the unveiling of the first issue of our new magazine!

we, ben and erica, have been working feverishly to produce this first issue that is part personal reflections, part anecdotes and heaping helpings of photo essay style photography. we initially plan to publish quarterly covering local, regional and international happenings on a personal level. we both feel there are many activities going on on a rather daily basis that generally don't merit coverage by traditional media outlets such as newspapers or current local magazines. there are communities, gatherings, and people going about their daily lives that lend themselves wonderfully to a creative or journalistic eye. these activities are not necessarily particular "events" yet are interesting and worthy of an in-depth look all the same.

we drew stories for the prototype issue of ben shot me from photos ben has been taking over the last year or two and pulled our short narratives, humorous pieces and stories from the same time frame. future issues however, will be culled from the quarter in which they are published. they will be timely and feature you, your friends, and people you don't know doing what they do on an individual stage; celebrating the everyday. in the tradition of National Geographic and the Day In The Life photo books, we are embarking on an investigation of the people and world around us on a simultaneously large and small scale. in the spirit of imagery inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson and others, we hope to bring people together in a realistic, personal, visual and literary way that also lets them glimpse their world with new eyes.

the next issue will be out around April and we already plan on covering some interesting local phenomena; a night of bingo, trips to the Edward Gorey house and P'town in winter, canal bike fisherman and maybe even the weekly canine rescue transports that arrive from the south and hopefully you, the new readers, will contact us with something you would like to see!


Click here to download a pdf sample of a couple pages from ben shot me "the magazine".