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Can you take my picture off the internet? I am uncomfortable having my picture on your website and/or in your magazine - (actually only asked once so far)

Please contact me immediately at ben(AT)benshotme.com. 

Why does the button for payment say Donate? 

I will be adding a purchase button soon, as time allows (it's really just a button to send money after all).  The original intent of the button is the same: if you like what you see here and you would like to help support my photography projects, voice your support in the form of money.  I will be grateful!  I assure you, if you contact me about an image, make arrangements in advance and then use the "donate" button, you will be happy with the work you receive. If you do not like the quality of the workmanship there is a money back guarantee.  If you are more comfortable sending a check or purchasing in cash these arrangements can also be made when you contact me about the imagery you would like to purchase.

Do you do portraits?

Yes, however I am trying to stay away from traditional studio style photography and posed photography.  There are a great number of photographers who excel in this area and I would be happy to recommend one.   The focus of my current work is in a photo essay style.  If you are interested in environmental candid portraiture or, better yet, you or someone you know has a hobby or great passion in their life, this is how I prefer to document them.  

Do you do weddings?

I have not in sometime and I do not intend to.  I am, again, not looking to do traditional photography for hire.   If this is what you are interested in I would urge you to shop around.  If, however, you would like someone to record any event, including weddings, in an un-staged photo essay manner, contact meIf I am available, I will show up with my cameras and shoot in my own style.

When is the next magazine coming out?

Please see the magazine page for more info.