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march 1st 2008  delivery of over 120 pups by peterson express transport service

a featured article for april's edition of benshotme the magazine 

Wet snowflakes melted against the windshield of the pickup truck as we barreled north toward Windham, New Hampshire on a sky-less March morning to meet a trailer full of canines being evacuated from the south.  Though we had been up for several hours already in order to make it in time from the Cape, the transport, or as we affectionately call it the "puppy transport", had left some 20 hours earlier from Tennessee, a trailer full of dogs on their way to new homes in New England.  Since adopting our own pup nearly a year ago off the same transport, we had become fascinated by the phenomenon and were on our way to shoot some photos...........  (from benshotme: the magazine, 2009)